He is here!

Our little Jude Levi Olsen arrived Tuesday night at 8:06pm. We have been blessed with family helping us from the first hours of his life and couldn’t be more grateful. He is settling well into this Olsen family and has been such a fun adventure already. This family of three is the best feeling.

Today is (supposed to be) the day!

Today is the official due date of little Baby Olsen. It’s written on my calendar. So he should come today, right? AND I have completed the wives tales to encourage this baby to get here: 1) Eat spicy food. CHECK. Went to Bourbon n’ Toulouse for lunch today with a friend. I got a full … [keep reading..]

Our Fourth

Our Fourth of July was spent at the beach. What better way to celebrate- sand in your toes, people all gathered near the ocean to watch fireworks, smiling faces, and family surrounding you. It was magical. My aunt Cyndi was super prepared and even bought glow sticks for all of us to wear once the … [keep reading..]

Merry Christmas!

Christmas! This year held so many surprises and yummy goodies and laughter, even if we didn’t get snow. This year we took the 6 hour drive south to Georgia to be with Matt’s family, which seems to grow bigger and bigger each year! A few years ago we added a sister-in-law, and then a year … [keep reading..]