Weekend Productivity

This past weekend is what I would envision and hope for every weekend to be like. It was the most productive weekend we have had in a long time. Not because we haven’t wanted to have a productive weekend, it’s just there is ALWAYS something going on. Which is fun, but hard to get that … [keep reading..]

Nursery Phase I

The first wave of nursery-making is complete! The walls are painted, the dressers have been painted, and it is cleaner than when the house was brand-spankin’ new! Let me tell you, the cleaning was one of my favorite parts. Cleaning and disinfecting the baseboards, closet doors, windows, and carpets. LOVE the outcome. I wish I … [keep reading..]


Thank goodness it’s Thursday! Thursday afternoons are almost as good to me as Friday afternoons are. There is only one more day of the work week, one more day of rigid schedules and waking up to an alarm. And Friday at work just feels different, for some reason. More free, maybe? Still a full, effective … [keep reading..]