Today is (supposed to be) the day!

Today is the official due date of little Baby Olsen. It’s written on my calendar. So he should come today, right? AND I have completed the wives tales to encourage this baby to get here: 1) Eat spicy food. CHECK. Went to Bourbon n’ Toulouse for lunch today with a friend. I got a full … [keep reading..]

Pregnancy Journal

My memory isn’t all that great. I can remember big things- our wedding, the hubs birthday (luckily it’s on Christmas Day), my birthday, things like that. Smaller things are harder for me to remember and put into place in a timeline. Because of this lack of memory, I knew I wanted to put together something … [keep reading..]

Weekend Productivity

This past weekend is what I would envision and hope for every weekend to be like. It was the most productive weekend we have had in a long time. Not because we haven’t wanted to have a productive weekend, it’s just there is ALWAYS something going on. Which is fun, but hard to get that … [keep reading..]