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Hi! I’m Tina. The hubs is Matt, our son is Jude, and our pup is Wickett. I love my family.I started this blog as a way to document purchasing our first house, which was almost three years ago. We are still making changes and improvements as we go, working and adapting our house to fit our needs. It’s been a great adventure. I also blog about my family, DIY projects, fitness, and food.

I love the outdoors {in moderation… and when there aren’t too many bugs}. I like adventure and surprises and glitter and making things. I get excited over little things others may not think are a big deal- like puppy chow, the hubs practicing handstands in the living room, and getting to go on walks. I also LOVE the beach, sunshine, and warm weather. Who doesn’t?! And this is my little corner of the world where I love to share about my life, all things baby, fitness ideas, food, and our house adventures as first-time home owners!

Go big or go home- do it big, or don’t do it at all. Sometimes going big is the answer, but at other times it’s best to not even go there, take a break, and go home to relax and regroup. That’s real, that’s life!


  1. Sharon

    I came across your blog on Pinterest. I’ve skimmed over lots of older entries and still can’t find what I want. Please let me know what color your painted the living room. All I could see in the picture was that it was Behr and it was gray. I couldn’t find the actual color name. Thanks.

      • Hey Sharon- thanks for reading! The gray paint in the living room and the nursery is actually the same exact color. That’s how much I LOVE it. It really is the perfect color- it doesn’t have undertones of red, green, or blue. Just a true gray. It’s Behr paint and color called Perfect Gray. I used matte paint so there isn’t a glossy finish. I just don’t like the glare! I hope you can find it at your paint store. Thanks for reading!

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