Friday Five

Oh, Friday. I love having the chance to look back at my week and pick my top five things that have made me smile! So let’s dive into it and have a rocking Friday!

{1} Cars in my bed
That’s no hidden meaning in that. I literally have toys, cars, kids’ shoes, and books in my bed and this pokey little guy was there welcoming when I climbed into bed.

{2} Haircuts by lightsaber
Jude loves to pretend to cut my hair…. with his lightsaber. It isn’t always gentle or relaxing, but he loves to do it. Then he tells me I look good and can put my hair back up in a pony. Sweet boy!

{3} Working out with my friends.
It never gets old. Driving to the park with my boys, strapping them in the stroller, and getting cardio in while chatting with my girlfriends and their kids. It’s such a highlight in my day and I miss it when I’m not there.

{4} Quiet moments from an active boy.
He doesn’t really sit still for very long, and when he does and I catch it on film it’s a rare occasion. I loved seeing him take a moment from running, digging in the dirt, and climbing trees and sit to read.

{5} Watching the brother relationship.
Jude loves on Benji, sometimes sweetly and sometimes a little too fiercely. But Benji deals it right back by crawling on top of Jude and making him giggle, or giving him huge open-mouthed kisses on the forehead. These two melt my heart.

And that’s my five! Little moments of my life that have made me happy!

Linking up with H54F today- have a great weekend!