Big Boy Room DIY Wall Art

I showed you around Jude’s big boy room a few weeks ago, and wanted to focus on the DIY wall art I painted. It added a lot to the blank walls and I’ve been pretty happy with the result!

diy wall art

Matt and I weren’t sure what kind of theme we wanted for Jude’s room, but settled on trucks and planes. {You can see more of the process here} It’s mostly trucks at this point, so we just have focused on the colors- blues, browns, and greens. Mostly this happened because of the fabric I picked up for the pillows.


Once I found the pillows, I figured I could paint the trucks that are on the pattern. So I started with some large, white, heavy paper and sketched out the general outline of the trucks I wanted to paint. Then I grabbed some brown acrylic paint and painted around the pencil lines. I made sure to keep the pillow close so I could reference the trucks. They didn’t turn out exactly like the ones on the pillow, but I just wanted them to mimic the pattern!

diy wall art



truck wall art

The frames I picked up at Bargain Hunt, which is a store I have mentioned before. It has a lot of Target-brand items for a lot cheaper. These frames were there for only $10 each! I couldn’t find them online anymore at, but here are some similar ones {here, here, and here}

So for three, large framed pieces of artwork I only spent $30! The frames were all I needed to purchase, everything else I had on hand. Yay for easy DIY artwork!


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