1. Donalee

    Never heard of this service. I usually look forward to going to the grocery store but I am not a mom juggling as many things including a toddler. But I would definely consider when returning from a trip. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Samantha

    I have had a couple situations where this would have been amazing!! I work an hour from home and when I get a craving for something I want for dinner that night it would be awesome to order and pick it up on the way home.. but I’ve noticed the same thing.. No matter how early in the day, I can always only pick up the next day.. by that time my craving has changed. Or like today.. I just found out I’m bringing hamburgers and hotdogs for my nieces 16th birthday cookout tomorrow. I thought “ClickList!” and went to order them.. only to see that even at 10AM I still can’t pick up until tomorrow at 8am.. If it was ont he way to their house that’d be fine,but it’s not. 🙁 So I gotta stop on the way home and get them anyway. On a side note: not EVERYTHING is available.. I noticed that the 3 pound packages of Kroger branded hamburger patties are not available through ClickList.

    • Yes, there are some downfalls to the idea! But for a big food shopping trip for the entire week it is helpful! I wish they would have a QuickList or something for just 5 items or less that could be picked up on the way home from work- that’s the next great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

      • CynR

        QuickClick would be great … they could even charge a higher premium and most busy people would be content paying for the convenience of same day service or at least within a 2 hour window – 5 items or less …. that would definitely get me to use the service. Next day? Not so much.

  3. Jamie

    Click list is pointless to me without same day service. I live in OR, don’t know if it’s just my area or not but I just don’t operate that way. I only wish I were organized enough to have my days planned out ahead of time! I can wait a few hours for them to gather my order but an entire day just doesn’t work for me…. and judging by the constantly empty 8 click list parking spots, I’m not alone!! Did I mention parking is even more of a nightmare now??

    • Oh wow- 8 parking spots designated for the pick up? We only have 3 and they are around the building so it doesn’t interfere with regular parking. I agree- I would use it more if it was same day service

  4. Tresa Bozell

    I have used clicklist 2 times and plan to continue. The service at my store has been great! I LOVE it!

  5. I have used the Clicklist once and agree that it is useful. Like you I also agree there are substitution problems that can be resolved with sufficient and very clear instructions.

    I have snagged on another problem – and it’s a timing thing. If you order on a Tuesday (the last day for the ads) and pick up on Wednesday you will find all the items you ordered because they were on sale – weren’t on sale when they checked you out on Wednesday. So. Something to watch out for when you order.

    Other than that this is a useful service when you need the time and energy it takes to shop for other things – like family or work.

    I use it for my big monthly stock up shopping that takes me at least 1 1/2 hours of marching all over the store pushing a heavy cart. At my age and with chronic fatigue it wears me out to the point of useless a couple of days – so this doesn’t just save me shopping time it sometimes saves days of my life.

    • I am glad you mentioned the sales and timing of ordering- I hadn’t thought of that! But it’s a great service to use when you are tired and wanting to use your time and energy for other things- like family!

    • Kim

      Yes .I work a lot and my legs hurt I’m wore out I would use this for large orders next day pick up .but would be nice for small orders for same day pick up

    • Yes! They bagged my food really well and I’m somewhat of categories. All the cold food was together and was still cold when I got home! The bags they use are thicker and bigger than the normal bags inside Keoger, which is nice!

  6. Cortney

    i have used ClickList several times. Lately, it won’t let me do anything on the website. Not even browse.

  7. Rob

    I absolutely love this service from my local Kroger! I’ve no vehicle, but a best friend works in the same shopping center, so I just order, she picks me up, get my groceries and done!

    Will never shop any other way! 🙂

  8. April Queener

    Third time using clicklist today and I’m so disappointed! Not only was I told it would be at least an hour before my order was ready but I’ve been asked to come back three hours for now! I planned my day around the pick up after church and before a visit with a friend. Very disappointing!

  9. wasserball

    Having to reserved a pickup time for grocery is a no-go for me. With a list in hand, I could have done the shopping in about the same time as having to go through the process of ordering online, setting up an appointment and picking it up. In store shopping allows me to see items that I may have missed, and I can plan on shopping when I have the free time in the day.

    • wasserball

      Yes, I have used checklist, one time. The experience was good in Kroger complimented an item that was not precisely what I asked for. I asked for less than a pound of Sirloin but the package was over 1 lb. The staff that brought out the grocery was super friendly, but I don’t think the time spent online and having to pickup the order at a scheduled time is something I like to do.

  10. Imperfekt

    As a senior citizen I am looking forward to trying this service to see if it’s a good solution for me. Whereas it might not be much of a consideration for most I don’t have a lot of stamina for traversing up and down the aisles picking up what I need, loading stuff onto the checkout conveyor, then getting all the stuff into my home and put away can drain me. Eliminating those first two steps could be a big help.

    • You pay when you pick up. They come out to your car and review your order before putting it in your car. Then you can approve the purchases and pay right there! They bring out a little credit card machine.

  11. Lorrie

    I am the mother of 2 teenage girls and a 1 year old baby boy. I also run a small business so between baby’s naptimes, after school activities, and work I literally started to cry tears of joy when the clerk in the store told me about the new service. Yes, we need to eat, but boy I sure do hate the time I have to spend at the grocery store rather than with my family. Now, I can sit with my hubby and kids watching a movie while we all add items to the list. I always pick up my order in the early morning or on my way home from work and I sit and relish my morning coffee or wind down on my way home while someone else loads everything up. I’ve been using the service once a week now for about 2 months and don’t know how I ever lived without it. Only $5! It is SO worth it!!! I love click list!!!!

  12. YepNope

    People often shop when hungry, and spend more when hungry. Not having same-day pickup isn’t just an annoyance to potential customers, it’s also costing Kroger in lost sales.

    We were in a rush and hoped to save some time. Ended up wasting time before discovering that the order wouldn’t be ready till after we needed the food. Cancelled and went to a closer less preferred store.

    • Tiffani V.

      I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about not offering same day pick-up. Adapt… I ordered today and am picking them up tomorrow when I would normally go shopping. It’s not rocket science.

  13. Patricia Sermon

    I bought over 200.00 at one time thru click list. I bought 10 ponds of potatoes and 4 bags of sliced carrots . I went to cook a meal and potatoes were rotten and carrots were brown. I had to go to another grocery to get these replaced.

  14. Michael & Patty Jones

    I’ve done this twice now and this will be my last. This is a total joke. I was suppose to pick up between 3-4 so I got here at 3:30 and am still waiting for them to bring my stuff out and it’s 5:00. There were 10 cars in front of me when I arrived. The first time I did this I only had to wait a total of 20 minutes but there were 5 out of 40 things on my list that they showed out of stock. I pulled around and went into the store and found everyone of them. A couple of the items had probably 100 on the shelf. Not sure why anyone would want to be as frustrated as I’ve been with these 2 experiences.

    • Virginia Howard

      sounds like an issue with your specific location. Never had any of those issues at the TN stores.

  15. Thompson

    I live alone so do not buy more than $50 or so groceries at one time. The $5 charge is a little high. Maybe $5 for $100 & over and $2.50 under $100.

  16. D Moss

    Begin doing Kroger checklist. Five reasons quickly off set the $5 fee. This is crazy good houshold behavior to establish.
    1. 1st three free. You build your list of routine shopping off your Kroger reward #, using the “relevance” drop down…item relevent to you show first. Click, click, click….I am done in 12 minutes with standard $100 we buy every two week.
    2. E coupons auto load at the car window wit hattendant on his/her tablet. Once a quarter or month I just update. Saving $20 per trip, negating the $5.00 fee. When I have to go to store I don’t take that valuable 15 minutes.
    3. Paper coupons. I review at home when doing the clicking. No fumbling in the aisles. Put used coupons in purse – boom, more effecient, bigger savings.
    4. You’ll drop your monthly food expenditures – because you won’t complicate normal buying with “tossing stuff in”.. Clicking = self control
    5. Heavy stuff that takes up your cart brought to your car.

    • Annette Radvansky

      I spoke with an employee at Kroger who told me you can either do paper coupons or E-coupons, but not both.

  17. Virginia Howard

    Love, love, love this service!
    I have used several times now and have become more proficient at ordering each time. I work all week. The ability to pick my groceries up on the way home without having to drag my tired self through the store or take up a chunk of my Saturday morning are well worth the $4.95 pick up charge.
    Did I mention I have saved an average of $50 each week since I no longer stick random items in my cart? And if you order in the morning you can pick up same day. Big plus. If picking up next day you can add items to your order until midnight.

  18. RN

    Does this let you save your lists? Generally I get the same basic items each trip (yogurt, bananas, etc) , with some extras depending on what I’m planning on cooking that week.

    • susie

      Yes, it knows what you normally buy due to your Kroger Card. It is so easy I could not NOT use it! So simple!

  19. susie

    I used this first time yesterday because my large dog is wearing an E-collar due to injury…knocking over lamps and tables. Can’t leave her home alone. So I ordered my weekly items (even asking for moderately green bananas) and picked up EXACT order bagged nicely (ice cream and frozen items FROZEN) with dog in safely in my van with me. Perfect solution. Loved the service!

  20. JAH

    I tried the Kroger Clicklist today, 3/8/17 and did not like it that much. You really cannot use paper coupons with this service because if you do, more time is wasted. When you arrive you have to call them and let them know you are there. The phone # on the sign where you park, at least at the location in Houston where I went, does not work. You have to call the store customer service dept., wait for them to transfer you and then speak with that area to let them know you are there to pickup. I was hoping the designated area they bring the groceries out of is not where they are stored until pickup because the doors where opened the entire time. I also do not like having someone else put in all the aspects of my credit/debit card in an Ipad/Notebook type of thing. My card #, exp date and cvv #. That was not an experience I enjoyed and had my card replaced right after that. I am waiting on the Amazon No Line Stores and Walmart No Line Stores to open here. I hope and pray one opens near my residential area in Houston.

    • It might be different at different stores. Our Kroger swipes my credit card just like in the store. Pretty easy. Sorry you had trouble with the phone number– ours always works! Again, it might depend on the store!

  21. Lindsay

    So your preloaded Kroger coupons don’t get applied until you pick-up? So the estimated total you get when making the list doesn’t include coupons. Correct?

  22. Robin

    I have gotten same day pickup every time e I’ve used it. I love this service. Saves me lots of time and impulse spending

  23. susie

    My estimated total was both times more than my final payment, Always happy when I’m paying less! Used coupons and swiped card at car window in rain. Easy for me. Delivery employees very friendly.

  24. crystal

    will the price be the same has the one online like mine was 95 something will it be the same price at the store

  25. Norma Kendrick

    I have been using the click list for awhile now. I love it. However, the experience can vary from store to store. Not all stores are as good. Don’t give up on your first try and be as specific in the notes as possible if it is important that the product be exact.

  26. Otis

    I have had an issue more than once after picking up items I notice one or two items are not to be found. After already paying for it, makes it frustrating sometimes. You call and get refunded but you still have to go get the items.

  27. Stephanie

    I used Clicklist on a Sunday evening and they only had 1 person working it. I waited for an hour for my groceries which I thought was ridiculous. Need more than one worker during busy times such as Sunday’s.

  28. Gee

    I’ve don’t it twice. It is hard to get same day pick up and they are very much in a rush on the phone and during delivery. The out of stock items are always disappointing and so is the time I wait for my groceries but it beats trying to find things in he store remodel. Total time from drive into parking space/calling to let them know I was here and delivery was 17 mins.

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