1. Love the wall! We did one last year that required laying all the frames out on the floor, standing on a ladder and taking pictures to consider! Planning! 🙂

    • That’s a great option too! I think I was just too lazy to bring our big tall ladder from the outside shed (there are so many spiders in our shed!! EWW!) But I’m already scheming up a mini gallery wall for the nursery, so I might lay them on the floor like you suggested!

  2. Gallery walls are one of my favorite ways to decorate a home. We have one up in our living room. Like you, I just placed frames and pieces in a rectagle(ish) shape and took a few steps back to look at it. Sometimes that is easier than all the planning! I especially like your family sign with the arrows. Was it a DIY?

    • Yes! I did a simple DIY on the family arrow sign. It’s just leftover burlap from my front door wreath I just made…. And then I just used acrylic paint. Thanks so much

  3. Looks great, Tina! I love all of your DIY wall art too. You have gorgeous handwriting by the way – I’m jealous!!! Thanks for sharing every week with us for Tuesday Talk! 🙂 -Jess

    • Thanks! I love that DIY. I have to admit, I strolled through Hobby Lobby and found some good inspiration and just didn’t want to spend a lot of money! Although I’m pretty sure I could drop $100 at Hobby Lobby without looking back!

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