Move it Monday, thank goodness you’re here

This weekend kicked my booty. It was filled with lots of good things, but sometimes too much good things make for a hectic weekend; that’s how the saying goes, right? My dear sister came to help with Jude for a few hours on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday while Matt and I were practicing and playing with our worship team for church, which really helped {thank you aunt kelly!} but the lack of sleep was rough.

Sleeping? What's that?

Sleeping? What’s that?

All those new mommas out there with newborns that don’t sleep, I felt like you this weekend. For some reason Jude decided to get up every 30 – 40 minutes on Saturday night almost all night. And he still got up at his usual 5am to eat breakfast. He has always been a not-so-great sleeper, but it hasn’t been this bad in a while.

My mantra this weekend.

My mantra this weekend.

Luckily Sunday night he slept through without making a peep.

Jude has just hit the one year mark, and it’s easy to say that we have had the best year, but also the most trying. It’s been filled with tears of sadness and of joy, of being overly-tired and of frustration. But mostly it’s been a year filled with laughter, milestones celebrated, and a love so deep it’s overwhelming.

All that to say, Move it Monday was not filmed for today! So check out some of the other workouts and try one of those. Because today will consist of getting our house and life back in order for a weekend that knocked us off our feet.

And these are our grumpy faces. Because it’s Monday, and even if the weekend wasn’t hard, Monday always is. And it’s blurry, because duh, it’s Monday.