1. Awww, thanks, Tina! We feel so blessed to be a family of 5 now!!! 🙂

    What a great idea to get kids started young on learning a different language. I’m definitely not bilingual, but I think Spanish would start to come back to me if I got some books that we have the English version too. My sister Katie’s husband is Polish so he speaks Polish at home sometimes so the kids and Katie will learn it. So awesome!

    Thanks again for linking up with us for Tuesday Talk!!! You always have great posts!

    Sweet Little Ones

    • Thanks Jess! I think Polish is awesome! Any second language will really help our kids marketability for future jobs, so that’s great he’s speaking to them in another language. Enjoy those sweet babies!

  2. This is so neat! I love how you are teaching another language at home! Thanks for sharing with Tues Talk!

    • Thanks! We are learning as we go, but are excited to be exposing him at a young age to another language!

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