1. I love tutus! I made one for myself when I ran a fundraising race (in my undies, in February, in Michigan… it was cold). Yours turned out so cute! The run looks fun as well! I’ve always wanted to do the color run.

    • Sounds like a fun race- tutu and undies in February up north! Must have been freezing! The color run was worth it if it ever comes to your city!

  2. Donalee Olsen

    Thank you, thank you for the tutu directions with pictures. I know I will make one for a gift or me?!? Today I will forward this to a mom who has 2 darling daughters. Great art project. Great dance outfit. Love the post!!!

    • Thanks! Glad you like the tutorial! I will of course make one for you! Just let me know the colors and I can pick up the materials and mail it your way!

  3. That is so cute! Love it! I made one for my daughters Wonder Woman costume and was surprised how easy it was! Thanks for sharing at Tues Talk!

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