Tuesday Talk- the day my computer was sick


Who knew that we were so reliant on our technology!? I had no idea until our computer got sick this past Saturday. He just up and decided to turn to a black screen without the least bit of warning. Saturday Matt tried taking him to the Apple Store to get fixed, and they said to come back Sunday. He went back and they said he would have to make an appointment because there wasn’t time to look at our MacBook Air. So, an appointment wasn’t available until tonight at 6pm. We are going to pack up and take our dear, trusty laptop in for a once-over and hope they can come to a clear (and cheap) conclusion about what’s wrong!

I just told you guys about my word of the year, grateful. And it has already proven to be a good one. I’m grateful for the iPad Matt can use to keep his school work and masters homework completed. I am grateful for extra time not looking at a computer screen. Grateful that there is an Apple Store close to take our sick computer to. And grateful for a husband that works hard.

This wasn’t my planned Tuesday Talk, but that’s alright. I’m just plucking away on this little iPhone of mine during Jude’s attempt at napping. However, when he isn’t napping, he loves to bounce and giggle in the bathroom mirror. We have a great time.