Baby Gift Ideas

This is Jude’s first Christmas, and since he is only going to be about 4 months old, Matt and I aren’t going to go crazy when buying him presents…. he may just get a helium balloon that we can tie to his ankle so when he kicks, it moves. {Does that remind you of anything, Mom and Dad?}

However, it is too hard to just sit back and NOT look up little baby items that are ADORABLE and honestly not too expensive. My first step when looking for baby clothes {in all my experience of two months} I always go to H&M. Their items are inexpensive and trendy, which is perfect for little kiddos who grow out of clothes so quickly. Below I have rounded up a few things for little boys and little girls, mostly from H&M.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.26.54 PM

Baby Boy

{1} Baby Velour Pants, H&M: These are adorable. And who says velour is out of style? I have a purple velour suit I plan on wearing again this season. My motto: if H&M has it, then it must be in style.

{2} Dressed Up Tee: This is one of my favorites. Jude has a short-sleeved shirt with a bowtie and suspenders and I love it! So this one is something I would love to add to his wardrobe.

{3} Hightop Sneakers: Oh. My. These sneaks. They could totally work for a boy or girl, but I put them on the boy’s side because Jude has a pair almost just like this (Thanks to Auntie Kelly). I can’t wait for his little feet to fit them!

Baby Girl

{1} Princess Headband: Every girl wants to be a princess, but instead of your typical pink princess headband, there is this lovely gold one… which I am pretty sure I would wear for New Year’s Eve… And at $5.95, you can’t go wrong.

{2} Gold Polka Dot Jacket: This jacket would be in my shopping cart if it came in my size.

{3} Baby Girl Sassy Shoes: This is the only thing on my gift lists that isn’t from H&M. Again, I would totally wear these shoes if they came in my size! It makes any outfit sassy! And I like to think of leopard print as a neutral, so these shoes could really be worn with anything.

{4} Unisex Scarf: Back at H&M, these scarves are perfect. Super hipster, but also practical if you have a drooler on your hands. And Jude is starting to drool more these days!

That wraps up my kid’s Christmas list! Stay tuned for gift lists for him and her next week. {I think I am having too much fun rounding up all these gifts…}

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