Week 5: Closets


That picture explains it all! How nice and neat does my linen closet look from the outside? It’s so deceiving! Let’s open up that door and find out what it really looks like inside…


It’s jammed packed and not organized at all! And it looked so nice from the outside. Let’s take a closer look at my shelves.


This linen closet is located right off the living room in-between the guest bedroom and the nursery. It houses my cleaning supplies, extra sheets, towels, and baby bath toys and towels. To make it functional and work better for me, I pulled everything out and got rid of things I knew weren’t being used. Now there is a large pile of old sheets and towels to take to Goodwill. Then organizing the rest of my items wasn’t too hard! I even stayed under the 15 minute time-limit. {Check out the Declutter Challenge I am tackling over 6 weeks!}

The before and after isn’t that dramatic, but the functionality of the linen closet has improved a lot! I can now see everything I have in there.




Monogrammed Soap Dispensers- make your own! These make great co-worker gifts and housewarming gifts. Helllllooo easy-to-make Christmas gifts!


The top shelf had a lot of vertical space, so I made sure to keep extra pillows up there with the extra sheets that aren’t used very often. The second shelf is where my cleaning supplies are and it easily holds my cleaning caddy! Love that thing! The third shelf is where I have put all baby bath time supplies, which is very handy since this closet is right by the bathroom. The fourth and final shelf has our beach towels and extra bath towels. Then the floor has Matt’s smaller tool box for quick fixes around the house, as well as some extra blankets.

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