DIY End Table

Oh, my Mr.Fix-It Hubby. He had no idea that when he married me I would have such grand ideas and crazy home projects that “we” can do together. And when I say “together”, it normally goes like this:

Me: Hey Hun. I have an idea!
Hubs: Oh boy. OK- let me hear it…
Me: So, what if we buy some paint and some wood and make _______ (Fill in the blank here with my crazy idea project).
Hubs: I can look into that.
Me: {Puts feet up on a table and lets the hubs do the work}

That about sums it up. And that is kind of how this project started as well. Why break our little tradition?

There is Wickett's little kennel, tucked nicely away.

There is Wickett’s little kennel, tucked nicely away.

Wickett’s kennel fit perfectly in this little space between our sofa and love seat, and it was mostly out of the way. We ended up trying to put coasters on top for drinks, books, and other living room junk. Cue bright idea, lightbulb over my head, excited face!

Matt and I had the above conversation, and he magically turned an old end table that we weren’t using and turned it into an end table that is super useful! Thanks hubs! To the rescue once again.


Matt hard at work. See those flip-flop feet in the background? That's me- observing!

Matt hard at work. See those flip-flop feet in the background? That’s me- observing!

I think what Matt did was cut off the legs and secure the top of the table. It used to be a drop-down end table so he had to make sure it didn’t drop-down anymore. And he worked his magic and now we have a lovely extra end table that covers up Wickett’s little home!




And now we have a homemade end table! Thanks hubs! It’s really come in handy since having a baby. I put all sorts of things on there and it’s held up perfectly!

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