Pregnancy Journal

My memory isn’t all that great. I can remember big things- our wedding, the hubs birthday (luckily it’s on Christmas Day), my birthday, things like that. Smaller things are harder for me to remember and put into place in a timeline. Because of this lack of memory, I knew I wanted to put together something to keep track of my pregnancy. Not that I would forget I was pregnant, but because I wanted to remember the small things that happened along the way.

So I made my own pregnancy journal. There are some out there you can purchase, but they constricted what I could write about and keep track of. Certain appointments, cravings, random dates and sweet moments along the way is what I wanted to jot down and put together in a cute little book.

I mostly used materials I already had around the house, pulling together cardboard, paint, white card stock, and a binder-ring. I did go out and purchase washi paper. That’s right- washi paper! If you love washi tape, then you will LOVE washi paper. You can make it any size and cover whatever you’d like. It’s great.


I started by cutting down two pieces of cardboard and painting them white. I didn’t want any of the cardboard to show through the washi paper since part of it was white. Once the paint dried, I cut the washi paper to fit the cardboard and wrapped it up. These two pieces serve as the front and back cover of my journal, with the binder-ring holding it all together.



Once the front and back cover were made, I cut white card stock to fit inside of my journal. Each piece I measured to be 4×6 inches and these I used to print out different one-page glimpses into my pregnancy.





Throughout the last 8 months, I have been creating a page every week or so to document the little things I wanted to remember. I would just jump on the computer and put down a little blurb about what food I was craving, what happened at the doctor’s appointment, when we found out the gender, etc. It has been a great way to remember exact dates of what happened when in my pregnancy.


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