A little bit of history

Matt and I crammed so much into our vacation weeks, and we are so glad we did! But it also feels so good to be home. I walked in yesterday and my thoughts were as follows:

– “Oh! My house!”
– “Look! Our couch! Our pillows!”
– “WOW! This kitchen looks good!”
– “Our bedroom looks so comfy.”

And on and on it went. Everything looked new and fabulous to me. What a great feeling to come home. Even with all our bags throwing up their contents in our living room and bedroom for a day or two, it still looked good and homey.


At the tail end of our vacation, we stopped through Washington, DC. Matt has friends that live there from high school and it was such a sweet time of visiting and catching up. His brother and sister-in-law just moved to the area as well so we were able to hang out with them too during the last two final days of our long vacation.






We were able to walk around DC and see many of the monuments there, which was great and very inspirational. I grew up in a town right outside DC, in Alexandria, and I remember visiting some of the monuments when I was younger, but it was a completely different experience this time around.

Matt, his brother, and our sister-in-law humored me as we drove down the street I grew up on, stopped at my old house, let me jump out, sneak up the driveway and then snag a picture of me and my siblings’ handprints in the driveway from back in 1988. I was one year old so I don’t remember actually sticking my hand in the cement, but I remember always looking at the handprints, tracing them with my finger, and seeing how my hand would fit in my older sister’s imprint. Such a cool moment.

Our hand prints.

Our hand prints.

My old street.

My old street.

My old house

My old house

We left our fur baby, Wickett, with some dear friends of ours that probably spoiled her rotten! We were so glad to have her home. I think she felt the same way I did- “OH! My couch! My pillows! I missed this place!”


  1. Eva Tsang

    Esp the handprints!!
    Won’t that be fun if you can bring your baby there when he’s 1 yr old and lay his hand on yours??? 🙂

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