Our Fourth

Our Fourth of July was spent at the beach. What better way to celebrate- sand in your toes, people all gathered near the ocean to watch fireworks, smiling faces, and family surrounding you. It was magical. My aunt Cyndi was super prepared and even bought glow sticks for all of us to wear once the sun started going down. You’re never too old for some glow sticks.


We arrived a little over an hour before the show started by an open-air trolley. We had a large party -23 of us- all cousins and aunts and uncles and all having a blast together. We took up a large part of the beach with our chairs and blankets and then took in the event. The evening was warm and clear with the glow of the fireworks bouncing off our faces. Little Baby Olsen was dancing and enjoying the loud fireworks right along with the group, cheering on the festivities.




It was such a relaxing time all together. Most people cringe when I say we are going to the beach with all my family. We rent one large house and pile in together, sleeping all over the house, sharing stories and memories and laughter. The 14 cousins range from age 30 to 15, but we all hang out together and fill the days with the beach, pool, ice cream, shopping, and games. What a great way to be together. We are so blessed!