Backyard Adventures

Our backyard has gone through a lot of phases over the past year and half since we moved in. It didn’t start out in such great shape; almost all of the yard was covered by honeysuckle and some crazy vine that had a mind of its own. It took a while to figure out what exactly to do with the backyard.

What our backyard looked like when we moved in.

What our backyard looked like when we moved in.

We started by clearing as much as we could. Matt would get the chainsaw out and hack away. Then we would both work on bundling up twigs and branches to put out by the road.



Little by little, we started to see a difference. It seemed like between each time we worked out there, just as much would grow back and we would have to clear it again. Finally we started to see the ground under all of the brush. We ended up having about 20 more feet of yard to our back fence that we didn’t know was there! We found all sorts of things in the brush- two bird baths, a gutter, cans, and old clothes.


Here is where it gets interesting… we tried to hire a tree service to come and finish the job. There were at least 20 stumps from honeysuckle bushes, vines, and weeds that turned into trees. Renting all the equipment we needed was going to be expensive anyway, so we decided to hire someone instead. Long story short, they didn’t complete the work like they said they would. Matt called them everyday to kindly ask when they were coming back to finish the job. I think the secretary got tired of taking Matt’s messages and finally they came back to almost finish the job.


They put down grass seed and straw, but the problem was they didn’t till the ground like they said they would. So, we have quite the uneven yard in the way back. Which is fine because we are going to convert a corner of it into a vegetable garden one day. For now, we are just happy to have no more honeysuckle and vines taking over our yard. Here is what it looks like now:


What?! Green grass?! In our yard?! Oh yes. We do. It’s nice to look out there and see grass instead of a vine that perpetually is getting closer to your house to wrap around your ankle and pull you into the depths. We feel a lot safer now. And now it’s a blank slate for us to design our yard little by little.