Nursery Phase I

The first wave of nursery-making is complete! The walls are painted, the dressers have been painted, and it is cleaner than when the house was brand-spankin’ new! Let me tell you, the cleaning was one of my favorite parts. Cleaning and disinfecting the baseboards, closet doors, windows, and carpets. LOVE the outcome. I wish I could show you pictures of the clorox wipes that I used in the room. That would really be some good proof of the cleaning that went down.

Instead, I will just show you some before and after pictures because those are a little bit more interesting. IMG_5679

{See how we painted our dressers here}

Once we get the new outlet covers on we will push the two dressers together to make a long area for a changing table. We have almost picked out our crib and glider and will be ordering those soon! Then the room will actually looked more furnished.

That HUGE box in the pictures is our stroller and carseat- my parents bought us that this past weekend. Get the name: Graco Fast Action Click Connect Travel System. Yikes. The thing I really liked about this stroller was it was less than 20 pounds! Some of those strollers were nice, but they were almost 50 pounds! I can’t lift that into my car! Crazy.

{Check out our nursery reveal!}