Merry Christmas!

Christmas! This year held so many surprises and yummy goodies and laughter, even if we didn’t get snow. This year we took the 6 hour drive south to Georgia to be with Matt’s family, which seems to grow bigger and bigger each year! A few years ago we added a sister-in-law, and then a year ago a nephew. And this year two girlfriends of his younger sister came for Christmas too! And let’s face it, they have become family! How fun it is to share traditions from other families and start new ones. To sum it up, we had a blast today.

On top of all the Christmas goodies, TODAY IS MATT’S BIRTHDAY! He is a Christmas baby and it’s been so much fun. His mom started a great tradition when he was young- each Sunday in December he receives a birthday present. Just to space things out so his day wasn’t trumped by Christmas. I have carried on the tradition and find it to be super exciting to give a small little something to him each week in anticipation of his big day.

Like most families, we got up this morning, greeted each other with hugs and smiles and then sat around in our Christmas PJ’s and opened stockings. Then came the breakfast full of things that add inches to your waistline, then back out to the living room to gaze at the tall Christmas tree and open more gifts from Santa, elves, and each other. What a special day.

I’m lucky to have an in-law family that loves me and lets me in on all their fun! Merry Christmas! I hope your day was special.