Rainbow Closet

The good weather was gone this week. What happened?! I was wearing shorts and tank tops for almost two full days. And then Kentucky decided to switch back to October weather. Come on sun, do your thang. I need some warmth!

Since it was too cold to do much more outside projects this week, I tackled my closet. What I really need to do is go through and give away the things I didn’t wear this past season. My lovely sister came over a few weeks ago so I could try on everything in front of her for an opinion on each piece of winter clothing. That way if something didn’t fit right, was out of style, or needed to just get out of the house immediately, I had back up. She was good. Maybe a little bit too good. Most of my stuff was not up to par. So instead of stripping my closet bare (like I should have done maybe) I organized it instead. I got rid of a few items, some to Goodwill for some high schooler to pick up and show to her friends for a good laugh, and other items passed on to friends.

Before our move in October, my closet was a beautiful rainbow. It made picking out what to wear so much easier for me! If I had a pin-striped skirt and needed a black top, I just went to the black section of my closet and saw all my options at once. It worked quite nicely. Since moving, my closet did not look like a rainbow. It looked more like a rainy day with some plaid thrown in. And the shoes! I needed to get those taken care of too. It’s embarrassing how long I let my closet stay this way. But since we are friends, here is what it looked like before I started organizing.

The left side of the closet- a jumbled-up rainbow. Matt’s stuff is on the right side.

The shoes being a hot mess on the floor.

The shelves above, not being put to good use.

So I went to work and tried to create my rainbow closet once again. It worked pretty well. Within the next few weeks, the clothes purge will happen again before I pack up my winter clothes to bring out spring and summer clothes! YAY! Bringing out those shorts and tanks is like Christmas morning. I forget how exciting it is to be able to wear shorts again and feel the sun warming my skin. I just can’t wait for more of that.

Once I got my hanging clothes situated, I moved on to the shoes. Because of an ankle injury about a year ago, I haven’t been able to wear any heels. At all. I know, it’s awful. I kept them at the front of my closet just in case one day I would wake up and feel like my ankle had miraculous healed. That hasn’t happened yet. So I moved most of my heels to another closet and kept the shoes I can actually wear to be easily accesible.

Then I reorganized the shelves above- jeans, pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, purses, and bags. Why is it that my favorite sweatpants are also the most hideous pants I own?! They are this blackish brown color and I actually stole them from a girl in high school my freshmen year. Her name was Tawny and she bought them at Old Navy a few years before. So these pants are OLD, but so soft and wonderful. (Sorry Tawny. I was cold at your house that one time we built a bon fire and you let me borrow them. I never gave them back!)

Back to the rainbow.

The shoes.

Pants, purses, sweatshirts.

My parents are on their way to our house this weekend. I can’t wait for them to help us tackle more of our house projects. I feel like before I even get up out of bed on Saturday mornings, my dad will have done three or four projects that I didn’t even know needed to happen. How are parents so magical?