1. Jacque

    I think the yellow is too bright. I would have pulled the cream out from the brick and it would have a better flow. The yellow is too harsh of a contrast.
    Only my opinion . Doesn’t make it the right one.

  2. Amy

    I love the plum! But you’re right, I think the current shade of yellow is a bit much. You could try a darker, more subdued shade of yellow. Maybe something more like the shade of the flowers on your porch. OR Chris and I both think it could look nice with a very muted shade of the plum, almost more of a gray. But before you do anything you should paint a sample on a big piece of cardboard and sit it out where you can see it in all kinds of light.

  3. Katie

    First of all, i love the shudder color! I agree with Amy and Jacque. The yellow is a tad bright. I think because it catches your eye so much, the plum becomes more muted, almost brown. I would definitely paint the cardboard like Amy suggested. I would try a cream…

  4. Shannon

    I know we have already talked about this…I like Amy’s idea of gray and cream is probably the safest choice. John agreed but said you could always change it for each holiday! Then you would be “those people”!! Hahaha

  5. Ta Ta Taura

    I don’t know… I’m probably not a good person to ask (esp since Im sure it looks different in person) but I LOVE the yellow! However, it does clash somewhat with the brick. But I just love yellow on houses. Maybe a light gray? I think that would be safest against the shutters and brick without going dark. But yellow is just so pretty! 🙂

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