Long Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend- what a great long weekend of celebrations! I felt like we went from full-on school mode to summer time & relax mode in a matter seconds. And I’m not complaining! And it took me until today to actually get it together. But here it is– our Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up.


Matt’s last day of school with students was on Thursday, but Friday was still a workday for him. So Friday night was still a relief that the weekend was here! We took a family trip to Home Depot to do one more trip researching floors. We have decided to go with engineered bamboo floors for our living room and kitchen areas. Matt is planning on starting next weekend- ripping up carpets, removing the moulding, and laying down new floors! A few weeks away from my due date…. it’s fine, we will be fine. I won’t have a baby in a construction zone.



Rain was being called for later on Saturday, so we took advantage of the nice weather in the morning and took a hike! We went back to Raven Run and did a family hike with some friends. It was nice to get out and see Jude interacting with other kids- it’s so much fun to see!



After lunch and a long hike, Jude was ready to be sleep! He was awake the whole 25 minute ride home reading his Winnie the Pooh book. Then he hit the hay around 2pm and slept two hours! Little guy was tired. AND SO WAS I. I took a little snooze too and it felt good. But man alive, that hike wore me out to pieces.



Sunday morning we met one of my old coworkers and her family at North Lime Coffee & Donuts — if you are local you NEED to go there. Delicious at any time of day. She moved to Louisville a little over a year ago, and so now her little girl is over one and her and Jude played and talked while we ate donuts and talked. Then we rounded out our visit with a trip to a nearby park.

SARAH- how in the world did we not get any photos of us together, let alone our sweet kiddos?! We need to get better at this. Just let it be known, we had a good time catching up.

That afternoon I was still feeling the effects of our hike the day before, and when Jude went for a nap around noon, so did I. I slept for TWO HOURS folks, and Jude went a little longer. Thanks to the hubs for getting stuff done around the house while I snoozed.


Church rounded out our Sunday, with a late dinner afterward of crockpot chicken tacos. They were delicious and I slammed two of those bad boys before we put Jude to bed and snuggled up on the couch to watch the newest James Bond film, Spectre. We are James Bond fans, but this was the first one that didn’t really impress us. We felt like there could have been a little more build up between Bond and his nemesis, but whatever. I guess they can’t all hit it out of the park.


Our city pools are wonderful and opened up this past weekend. We bought passes and visited the one that’s really close to our house right when it opened at 10am. It was delightful! Jude was a little hesitant at first, which surprised me, but once he warmed up to the idea he was all about it. The pool we go to has a huge kid area with shallow water, but also a beach-access area in the big pool, so Jude could easily walk and splash in that spot too. I can’t wait for more family pool outings!



I guess we better get those in before this next little guy comes at the end of the month! Matt and Jude left me at the pool to relax for an extra 20 minutes or so while they swung by chick-fil-a and grabbed some lunch. Then we took it back to our house to eat and put Jude for his nap. Sweet guy slept for 2 1/2 hours! I think the pool really did him in. Then we finished up things around the house- mowing the lawn, prepping our living room for installing new bamboo floors, dishes, laundry– you know, grown up stuff.

We had a cookout planned, but Jude woke up so late from his nap and wasn’t really feeling another outing, so we stayed in… BUT we are rescheduling our cookout with those friends soon.


Tuesday was our 8th year wedding anniversary! It’s going to need a post all on it’s own- but just know we had a great little trip and had a blast as a family. Really, it was a perfect day from start to finish.

Kon Mari my Kitchen

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Kon Mari update! It’s still going strong over here at the Olsen house, but just in spurts I feel like. Between working on Jude’s big boy room, updating our master bedroom, Matt’s graduation, being a pregnant, and being sick– it’s been busy.

konmari update

You can catch up on my other Kon Mari experiences here:
Kon Mari: Intro
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But for a while now I’ve really have wanted to tackle the kitchen! The cabinets needed to be emptied and cleaned anyway, so why not organize while I’m at it? Get rid of a bunch kitchen gadgets I wasn’t using, and make sure everything has a spot.

Here are some before pictures- messy, unorganized, shoved-in-there style. I seemed to add a few things {like Jude’s bowls, plates, and utensils from Ikea – which I love} and never really made space for them. So now is the time, since I’m also bringing back out bottles to get ready for this new baby!


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.43.41 PM


That’s just to give you a taste. There just wasn’t much sense to the madness and I was getting tired of reaching for things and having to dig through other things I wasn’t even using. So the first step is to take everything out and clean. Since I wasn’t sure how long Jude would be napping, I did this one cabinet at a time. That way I could make any point a stopping point if I had to.


It gets worse before it gets better…. Even though I emptied cabinet by cabinet, my kitchen was still a mess! And then I did some sorting: keep pile, throw pile, donate pile, move pile. The move pile was just items I needed to move to another cabinet but hadn’t organized or emptied yet.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.07.26 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.14.31 PM


I’ve been living in my newly organized kitchen for about 2 weeks, and it has made a huge difference! I feel better about putting away clean dishes, I can easily grab things I need when cooking, I don’t get frustrated because I don’t have things falling on my when I get a straw.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.30.56 PM

Have you tackled your kitchen? Let me know what helped you to make it organized and clean!

An Anniversary

Today marks eight years since I walked down the aisle to marry my man. Best decision I’ve ever made, and he has proved that to me everyday for the last eight years. Get ready, babe, for the gushiest anniversary card you’ve ever read. And in return, you can give me a massage. Card for you. Massage for me. Sounds like a good trade.


If you want to read our full love story, head over here! And in case you want to see more pictures of us together, I’ve rounded up some oldies but goodies- because everyone wants to see us as young newly-weds, right?!


Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.14.27 PM

Anyone who buys me a huge cone of super-chocolatey ice cream is a keeper in my book!
Anyone who buys me a huge cone of super-chocolatey ice cream is a keeper in my book!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.16.27 PM

Two of my favorite things in one picture- my hubs and giraffes!
Two of my favorite things in one picture- my hubs and giraffes!

Here’s to many more years, babe!

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Friday Five: Maternity Workout

Working out during pregnancy is a high priority for me. I didn’t want to slow down or stop exercising just because I had some morning sickness or because I was growing a human. I wanted to keep my normal pace and routine and keep moving.

I’m about four weeks away from my due date, and I’ve had to modify some workouts, slow down my pace when I don’t want to, and realize that this tiny human inside of me is going to alter my workouts in some way. And I’m OK with that! Some can continue on during their entire pregnancy, others are made to be on bedrest. There is a range of workout levels during pregnancy — just like there are before and after.

maternity workout gear

mumberry tank, headband, capris, hat, sports bra

Mumberry brand was new to me, but once I tried them I was amazed. So impressed by the supportive belly band in the top. And I’m all about working out in tanks, so having that as an option was crucial. You can read my full review here.

The headband and hat aren’t only for pregnant women wanting to workout, but I had to include them anyway because both are great. I have a sweatband- a black sparkly one- and it stays put and doesn’t give me a headache, which is a rare find.

Maternity workout pants are hard for me. I have a few with full panels and those are good for the beginning, but toward the end I don’t want any panel over my belly! So the ones above are perfect, for the last term of my pregnancy and for afterward. Plenty of room left to wear them post-baby.

Do you have any favorite workout gear for pregnancy? Or afterward? Or heck, even for before! I’m always looking for good gear.

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Family Traditions

Happy Thursday! Today is the last day of school in our city, and I know there is wide rejoicing city-wide for all teachers and school workers. Parents on the other hand, I’m not sure! I’m sure it’s mixed emotions of being excited not to have pack lunches any more, but a little nervous about summer childcare and activities!

Either way, warmer weather is here and hopefully will be staying and that makes me happy! And since Matt is a teacher, I’m excited for him to be finished his master’s and have some time at home away from school for when this baby comes!

waltzing in beauty

Today I am popping in real quick to let you know that I am guest posting over at Waltzing in Beauty today. Christina is the mastermind behind this blog, and she recently had a baby! So she invited a bunch of her blogger friends to guest post on her series The Shape of our Homes while she adjusts to becoming a mom. Different bloggers are talking about what makes a house a home and I’m featured today! So head over and check it out. I’m talking about a family tradition I loved growing up and am continuing with our little family now.

Envelope Pillow Case

For some reason I have a little project ADD lately. My goal was to get Jude’s big boy room 100% finished before this baby comes at the end of June even though we aren’t switching him over there until a few months after baby. I’ve got the nursery ready for a newborn again, and Jude’s stuff is all switched over to his new room, but a few more finishing touches are needed. {Reveal coming soon! I’m just not ready!}

So now that I feel more settled with Jude’s room and the baby’s room, I started getting a little itch to finish more things in our master bedroom. Our Ikea trip a while back started the whole makeover in the master bedroom, even when I wasn’t looking to redo too much!

before master bedroom

You can see what our bedroom looked like when we moved in and what we’ve done to it so far. Mostly paint, but our priority wasn’t our bedroom but our living spaces. So our bedroom was put on hold for a bit. {Check it out here}

But this isn’t about the entire bedroom! Just about changing out our pillows once we got a new duvet cover from Target. Snowball effect! Every project we start {or don’t even intend to start} normally turns into a lot more. Isn’t that how it works?!

ANYWAY – see those giraffe print covers? I made those out of an old body pillow case and threw them over some pillow inserts. But I’m trying to make it light and airy in our bedroom, so we are switching some of the heavier prints and colors for white and light. The picture above is from a little while ago and we’ve since made some changes!

Once I found the fabric I was ready to get started. My pillow inserts are about 20″x20″, so I needed enough to cover two of those. I purchased two yards total for the two pillows.

{1} Measure & Cut

For this type of pillow cover, you need to add one inch to the width and double the height plus 5″ inches. Since mine were 20″x20″, here is how I measured and cut my fabric:

Width: W plus 1″
Height: H x2 plus 5″

And for a 20″x20″ pillow:
Width: 21″
Height: 45″

My fabric wasn’t quite big enough for the height I needed, I was about 4 inches short. You will see how that effected me at the end, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker!

Iron Short Side

I’ll be the first one to say that I hate ironing. Seriously, I busted out my iron for the first time to make my living room curtains. So it’s rarely used, but for sewing it comes in handy! I would normally skip any ironing step, but this one is well worth the extra trouble!

Iron the short side of your fabric on both ends 1/2″ and then another 1/2″ and then sew them down. This makes the edge of your fabric finished as opposed to seeing the cut edge.

iron short side


Try it On

Once you have the short sides sewn, lay your pillow on top of the right side of your fabric to see where you need to sew next.

try it on

Fold both ends around the pillow and pin the fabric in place! Then remove the pillow insert and sew along the long edges. Make sure you are sewing with the right side of the fabric facing in. That way when you are done sewing you can flip it right side out and not see any of your hems!

fold & sew

Once you sew both sides straight up, you can flip your pillow cover right side out and insert your pillow! Then it’s ready to display! Mine didn’t exactly cover the entire backside of my pillow insert. So, I’m going to add a small little button to keep them closed. For now, nobody sees the backside! Except for all of you I guess…. but hopefully you will keep my secret!


Once I have more of our finishing touches in our master bedroom, I will be sharing them all on here! But for now, you just get to see the pillows! Now who’s ready to make a few of these suckers?!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.05.34 PM

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Weekend Shenanagans

This weekend was a good mix of getting things done, relaxing, and enjoying our last few weeks as a family of three!


All day Friday I felt pampered. Matt encouraged me Thursday night to take it easy on Friday- don’t do housework, take a nap when Jude takes a nap, relax a bit. It’s hard for me to slow down, so the suggestion was needed and it put a bug in my brain to actually do just that.

I went to Stroller Strides class in the morning for a workout, ended up locking my keys in the car, only getting through half the workout to meet the nice AAA man that opened my car back up, and Jude was teething so we had quite the drive home. Poor little man.

Once we were home, we got some lunch in our bellies and then Jude slept while I showered. I debated getting some things done before the weekend when Matt’s suggestion popped into my head and I napped instead. It was wonderful and highly suggest napping when your kids do. WOW I felt so refreshed when I woke up!

spa night

Then Friday night, I left my boys at home and hit the spa! We had a fun mom’s night out Spa Night and it was such a great experience. We rented out the whole place, brought in our own food and drinks, and chatted in between spa services. For Mother’s Day, Matt gave me money for my spa night- so I picked a 30 minute facial, a brow wax, and a brow tint. They were all really good decisions! I’d never had a facial before and it was amazing and don’t know how I’ve gone all this time without having someone exfoliate my face and put warm towels on it while rubbing my shoulders. It was heavenly.


We started our morning off on the right foot by teaching my exercise class and having a fun playdate afterward of egg-shaker maracas & a little dance party! It was a lot of fun and you should consider making these egg-shakers with your kids! {All it takes is an easter egg filled with dried beans or rice, masking tape, and two plastic spoons. Tape it all together and you got a cute egg shaker you can decorate and dance around with!}


egg shakers

While I was at class, Matt started on our demolition project we’ve had in mind for a while now. We needed to knock down the wall between our living room and kitchen before putting in hard wood floors, so this was the day. He and his friend Darrell did an amazing job and even though it isn’t 100% complete, the opening is there and I’m in love!

Before: just a single doorway from our living room to kitchen area
Before: just a single doorway from our living room to kitchen area
After: Double wide opening!
After: Double wide opening!

For dinner on Saturday night I made one of my favorite orders from Taco Bell- the Crunch Wrap Supreme. Have you had this?! It’s delicious, but probably also the most unhealthy thing you could order from Taco Bell. So I decided to make them at home and they were so. good.

crunch wrap


The lazy Sunday morning was perfect. Jude slept in until almost 7:30am and we took it easy, drinking smoothies for breakfast and hanging out in our PJs until about 9:30am. Then it was yard work for the boys and meal planning & food shopping for me!


Luckily it was a sunny day and we were able to be outside, playing with bubbles and water while working a bit in the yard. I’m loving the weekends even more now that Matt has graduated from his master’s program!

I hope your weekend was filled with sunshine & family time too! Here’s to a new week!

Muddy Puddles

One of the days last week I was still feeling under the weather, but it was a rare sunny day sandwiched between rainy days and I wanted to get Jude out of the house. So we went on a little stroll with Wickett to the nearby park.

Luckily for us, the stars aligned and it was warm and sunny that morning but the recent rain had left giant puddles in the ball field at the park. Jude wouldn’t stop saying “Agua!” which is the Spanish word for water, and I didn’t have the heart to say no. So we just went for it- I had no towels, no swimsuit, so change of clothes or even extra diaper. I didn’t even have wipes, just Boogie wipes. I was very unprepared.

He ran right up to the puddles…
first sight

Stuck his little feet in, pointed to the puddle and double checked he was allowed to get in.

He was so happy I told him it was fine to play and run in the water. He warmed up to the idea pretty quickly and just went for it. All in. And then came the sweet question, “Mama?”

So I took my shoes off and went running around right alongside my little man and my pup.








After a full 30 minutes playing and running, I was exhausted and even though he would never admit it, Jude was ready for a snack and a rest. So I stripped him down to a diaper and wiped him off best I could with my handy Boogie wipes.



The entire ride home he recounted the whole experience: “Jude, Jude. Agua. Momma. Momma agua. Wiki Wiki, agua.” It was totally worth getting muddy, soggy feet back into my socks and shoes just to hear him talk about our time in the puddles.

Once we got home my plan was to hose both the dog and Jude in the backyard, but once he laid eyes on the water table, he wanted to jump right in. What the heck? We were already having a crazy morning of anything goes, so into the water he went while I washed Wiki off.


AND GUYS. Did you notice?! This was on my 30 before 30 List! The last thing is to play in the rain or puddles with Jude, and boy did we do that.

One thing crossed off the list, 29 to go.


Tuesday Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend seemed to have extended from Friday all the way through yesterday, so my Monday was a sweet one. We were busy the whole weekend with family and made a long weekend out of a normal one, and it was something I want to repeat!


The morning flew by as Jude and I did last- minute food shopping for the weekend to stock the fridge. My parents arrived around noon for the weekend and Jude just ate it up. And what almost-two-year-old wouldn’t love two extra sets of hands and eyes giving additional attention?


And then Matt’s parents arrived around dinner time and he had even more loving arms to hold him and laps to sit in. He was on cloud nine thinking it was all for him. And of course the grandparents were there to visit, but the main attraction was for Saturday’s graduation! But we started celebrating Friday night with dinner and s’mores in the back yard, along with several games of corn hole.


Saturday was all about Matt- the graduate! As it should be. The graduation started at 10am and was supposed to be outside, but we had some rain that morning and it was moved inside. But that didn’t damper our celebratory spirits one bit! We just kept on rejoicing that Matt was finished and was walking and was being honored for all his hard work. Man, I’m proud of him.


He even received the Dean’s award – one award out of all the master’s students. Yeah, I’m bragging on my man. He’s the bomb.


The ceremony was special and the main speaker was very captivating, which was nice. Jude lasted about half of the ceremony and then my dad took him out to watch the rest of the ceremony in the simulcast room. Which was such a nice feature to have for parents {and grandparents} with little ones!

After the ceremony, we attended a small reception on campus and then headed back home for lunch! Jude was asleep in the car within minutes of our drive and transferred right from the car to his crib, which he never does! He finished a good nap while we ate lunch and relaxed.

Saturday night was our celebration cookout and games! We opened presents and cards and hung out until after we put Jude to bed. It was a sweet day filled with honoring my man who has been working so hard!


Sunday morning we packed up and headed to Raven Run, a nature sanctuary about 30 minutes from our house. It has some good trails and fun spots to see, and since it was sunny we wanted to get out and get moving!






We had fun playing and hiking and seeing the Kentucky river from a cliff lookout point. By the time we finished it was around 1pm and we were all tired and hungry! So back in the car, where our little hiker fell asleep and finished his nap in his crib. What a trooper he was! All while cutting a tooth!

We ate a late lunch, walked around the neighborhood, sat outside in the sun, and played with Jude and bubbles all afternoon. My parents left around 4pm and then we headed to church with Matt’s parents at our typical 5:30pm service.


Good ole Monday rolled around way too quickly, but it didn’t seem to stop us from partying on! We went to Stroller Strides class in the morning and brought Nana along with us! She was a trooper and Jude loved having her around for class.

Matt came straight home from work so we were able to play and talk while his mom cooked dinner- it was a treat! We actually were able to have some grown-up conversations before 8:30pm after Jude was in bed!

On to Tuesday Talk! Link up below and let me know what’s been going on lately with you!

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Friday Five: Graduation

This week I have been dragging! After a quick doctor’s appointment on Monday I realized my week of coughing and sore throat was because of an upper respiratory infection, so this week I’ve been taking medicines and trying to get better… but I’m that much more excited for Friday today!


Not only does it mean the weekend, but it means Matt’s big graduation from his master’s program! His parents and my parents are coming into town today and we are going to have a weekend-long celebration and I can’t wait. He deserves to be celebrated after two long years of working full time and working hard on his master’s degree on top of it all. I am so very proud of him!

So this Friday, I’m rounding up some good graduation gift ideas! Not just for college grads, but for high school grads too! So if you know someone graduating, maybe these will spark your imagination of what to get them that’s unique and memorable.

grad gifts

tool, notebooks, quesadilla griller , home tee, passport cover

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Dewalt Tool

This just seems like a good tool to have in your back pocket when the need arises. Looks like it has all the items necessary to… well, I’m not sure what but seems handy.



These notebooks are quality, but look oh-so-much-nicer than the typical black and white composition books. So last year.

Quesadilla Griller

quesadilla griller
This may be a selfishly-motivated gift. I love quesadillas and would love my recent grad to grill me up a quesadilla in this!

Home Tee

home tee

My husband and I love Kentucky and don’t plan on leaving soon, but I do know that a lot of the time his mind and heart still live in Maine, where he grew up.

Passport Cover

passport cover

What a good idea to encourage your recent grad to take an adventure and travel! And with a cute and stylish passport cover it’s hard to resist.

What are you getting the grad in your life? Any other great ideas for me?

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